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The Dark Sea Witch Cocktail

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Looking for a cocktail recipe that will be the hit of your Halloween Party? Try this terrifyingly tasty cocktail.  It will set the mood beautifully.

As stunning as it is delicious, this dark sea witch cocktail is perfect for all your Halloween festivities with it’s eerie dark blue color!

If you’re having a Halloween party and looking for a signature drink, look no further than this witches brew cocktail!  Your guests will love the dark eerie bluish color, and gladly sip this sweet cocktail all night long! This witches brew cocktail is such a fun drink.  Not only because it is delicious and pretty, but the flavor combination of the ingredients meld together so wonderfully!

Fall is such a fun time of the year.  There is a succession of one holiday after another, each one giving opportunities for entertaining, cooking, decorating and enjoying time with friends. Decorating and using themed food and drinks for Halloween is one of the really fun parts of this holiday. All the rules go out the window when it comes to getting ready for this spooky season.


  1. 1 oz. blue curacao

  2. 1 oz. vodka

  3. 3 oz. white claw/club soda

  4. 1 oz. pomegranate juice

  5. Drizzle of grenadine


1. Fill a shaker halfway with ice.

2. Add blue curacao and vodka and pomegranate juice.

3. Add White claw/club soda and shake.

4. Shake until mixed well and serve


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