Mason's Den Unicorn and Hot Cheetos cob at 626 Night Market Event 2018

 Food Adventure 

Is There A Limit to the Unicorn trend?

Written by Luis Arellano

626 Night Market is a special weekend event that occurs approximately 4 times during the summer season. Located at Santa Anita Park, the event is situated in a large section of the parking lot. Although advertised as a night market, the grounds open at 4 PM. The expansive space is nicely organized with arts and crafts vendors located together near the entrance. While this bustling bazaar offers plenty of merchandise, crafts and art vendors, food remains the main attraction.  The food and beverage purveyors are dotted throughout the rest of the venue.

626 Night Market is a nice option for people interested in tasting a good variety of Asian foods (and fair/festival foods) in one location. Some of the options are authentic, however, many are crazy variations striving to get that perfect Instagram capture. Which reminds me, I’m seeing the chance here to give out some shout outs…. Shout outs to Takoyaki Tanota.

Unicorn Cob by Mason's Den

If you have never tried or heard of Takoaki, make sure to stay tuned for that story!

One of the food vendors from the seemingly endless array of stalls at the festival goes by the name of Mason’s Den, which is a Los Angeles based pop up business known for their bizarrely colorful kaleidoscopic takes on cobbed corn. So-called mermaid food is increasingly popular thanks to its Instagram-friendliness, and this L.A eatery capitalized on the phenomenon with color corn on the cob.  

On a recent trip to the large scale night market, I happened to be lucky enough to brave the punishingly long lines, and get my hands on one of these Power Ranger-hued corned cob torpedoes that I was over the moon to try. Walking up to the stand, your nose was filled with the sweet and savory scent of cooked corn. Everything on the menu was Instagram-worthy, and the unicorn cobbed corn could spark a cult following not unlike a Starbucks unicorn Frappuccino.

Topped and slathered with a dollop of melted butter, a showering of cojita cheese and mayonnaise, and decked with an array of technicolored chip bits and food dye, the toppings provide a perfect compliment to sweet corn.

If the rainbow craze isn’t for you, additional psychedelic, photo-opp ready grilled Mexican corn flavors include: the Cheese Cheetos Cob, the Hot Cheetos Cob, and the Takis Cob which results in a fiery red concoction. It just so happened, my wife was able to succeed in enduring the excruciatingly long lines like me, and snag one of these bad boys. The Hot Cheetos cobbed corn was conveniently served in a cup, drizzled with mayo and topped with hot Cheeto bits. The sweetness of both the mayo and the corn overpowered any spiciness of the Cheetos. The Cheetos served as an interesting texture, rather than a significant addition to the flavor profile.

Luis Arellano and Judy Ann Miyara

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