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#Happlee Food Storage Containers

Good or Bad?


Written by Luis Arellano 

When making easy comfort food ahead of time, having the right storage supplies at the ready is key. Too often dry foods come in paper or plastic bags that, once you open them up, spill all over your kitchen cupboards or rice and grains on the pantry shelves. This is where food storage containers can come in clutch. They help organize the cupboards, save space, keep food fresh, and prevent food from spilling everywhere. But what should you look for in the best dry food storage containers?

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One of the biggest factors is material. Whether you choose plastic, acrylic, glass, or another style, be sure that it's strong and durable. The containers will get lots of wear in your cabinet, so having something that's well-built will help them last a long time.

Another thing to evaluate is the closure system. There are a lot of different ways lids can close, from a sealing lid to a latching canister to a push-button closure. Consider which one you prefer when making your purchase.

Lastly, be mindful of the size of your pantry, and how much food you want to store. If you plan on measuring out portion sizes, is the jar big enough to fit a measuring cup inside? Are the edges rounded so you can pour food from it?




You’ve got to credit Tupperware with putting specialty food storage containers in the spotlight. By coming up with the idea of sealing a lid simply by pressing down on it they revolutionized an industry that otherwise might not have grown to the size it is. Now it’s a heavily saturated market with all sorts of options, including the cheap disposables, all the way to more expensive sets that are meant to last for years.



With literally thousands on the market, choosing which containers to purchase can be overwhelming. Glass is heavier and more expensive, but you can cook with it. Plastic is lighter and stacks more efficiently, but can't go in an oven and sometimes adds an odd taste to food. Where's a buyer to begin?



If you are looking for a lightweight and durable food container then the Happlee food storage container 16 piece set is the clear choice for you because this food container is crafted with high-grade plastic which makes it durable and lightweight which makes it among the most favorable food storage containers around. All the containers in this set are of premium quality, comes with airtight lids with a 4 hinge locking/fastening mechanism which are completely sill and leak proof and also are 100 percent BPA-Free containers. You can carry this food storage container easily due to its sleek design and don’t even have to worry about breaking of the container, unlike the glass food containers. This plastic container keeps your food fresh for longer periods of time so that you can enjoy your food anytime you please.



Good food storage is worth the investment because it means you won't waste money throwing away food that could have been saved and you'll easily be able to reheat and reserve meals.



Whether you’re trying to save money and calories by taking your lunch to work, or just want to keep bugs out of your dry ingredients, these containers can make your kitchen (and your belly) a happier place.



Now that you have a complete understanding of what to look for when buying a great airtight container and also have a sound knowledge of what kind of containers are available on the market, you are all set to select the best airtight container for your kitchen or pantry and set all your worries aside regarding the preservation and safe storage of all your food supplies.

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