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A Tri Tip Triumph

Forget the filet mignon. Buzz off, brisket. It’s tri tip time! The triangular cut of beef may not get the fanfare of other steaks, but it packs a powerful, flavor-filled punch that will make your tastebuds sing. Proudly representing California, the tri-tip has come out of the shadows from cattle country to become a backyard barbecue all-star. 

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With its perfect triangulation of tender, juicy meat, trimmed with just the right amount of fat, the tri-tip was born to dance and dazzle over a smoky, hot grill. When seasoned right and cooked to medium rare perfection, each bite delivers a burst of bold beefiness that will leave you and your guests begging for more. So step aside, standard steaks (yes, we’re looking at you sirloin) Outshine the ordinary with the wonderfully West Coast, uniquely delicious tri-tip. When that first slice melts on your tongue, you'll understand why tri tip's rich, robust flavor has made it a powerhouse performer of all meats.

My wife and I recently had the pleasure of trying out JustMeats precooked tri-tip, and we must say, it rose above our expectations and put any doubts we had about it to rest. As a couple who appreciates the convenience of a meat delivery subscription but also values the quality of the meat, we were eager to see if JustMeats could deliver on both fronts. Spoiler alert: they absolutely did!

First things first, the packaging was impressively done. The precooked tri-tip arrived securely sealed and well-insulated with ice packs, ensuring the meat remained perfectly chilled throughout its journey to our doorstep. The vacuum-sealed pouch maintained the freshness and prevented any leaks, making the unboxing experience hassle-free.

Upon opening the package, we were greeted with a mouthwatering aroma that hinted at the deliciousness to come. The tri-tip itself was beautifully browned, with a tempting sear that promised a satisfying texture. It looked just as appetizing as a freshly grilled tri-tip straight from the barbecue.

The true test of precooked meat lies in its texture and juiciness, and JustMeats hit the mark. The tri-tip was unbelievably tender, with a juicy and succulent quality that left a lasting impact on us. It wasn't overly dry or tough, which can sometimes be a concern with precooked meats. Each bite was a delightful experience that was more delicious than the last.

The flavor was where JustMeats precooked tri-tip truly shone. It had a well-balanced combination of smokiness and seasoning, delivering a robust and savory taste. The marinade, though not overpowering, complemented the beef perfectly. It's clear that JustMeats pays attention to the quality of their seasonings, as every bite was bursting with flavor.

While the tri-tip was excellent on its own, we also appreciated its versatility. Whether sliced for sandwiches, incorporated into salads, or served alongside a medley of vegetables, it proved to be a versatile addition to various meals.

Overall, my wife and I give Justmeats precooked tri tip an enthusiastic two thumbs up. It combines the convenience of a meat delivery subscription with the quality and flavor of a restaurant-worthy dish. Whether you're a seasoned home cook or someone looking for an effortless way to enjoy a delicious tri-tip, JustMeats delivers a delightful experience. 

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