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Calling All Chip Detectives: Guess The New Pringles Mystery Flavor For a Shot to Win A Pile Of Money

Move over, Sour Cream & Onion, there's a new savory Pringles flavor in town and it sounds delicious, well, maybe not, but it's certainly getting a lot of buzz.

Do you have insanely accurate taste buds? Well, that little talent could pay off big time very soon. If you have an extremely well developed and refined palate, you've got an advantage in a brand-new contest that requires people to use their mouth and knowledge of flavor. One of Kellogg's fan-favorite chip brands, Pringles, will be releasing a new mystery flavor in the United States, and if you guess the flavor correctly you could win some serious cash. Pringles' new mystery flavor could score you $10,000, so get your taste buds ready, folks!

A new mystery flavor will be available exclusively at Walgreen's between May 1, 2019 and July 30, 2019. During this time period, Pringles enthusiasts and flavor detectives have a chance to "decode" the mystery Pringles flavor for a shot at $10,000, which they can win if they guess the flavor correctly. There are two ways to enter the contest, a purchase option and a non-purchase option. The purchase option requires Pringles fans to buy a 5.5 ounce container of mystery flavors Pringles at Walgreens, take a picture of the receipt, and submit a flavor guess directly on the Kellogg's website.

The non-purchase option requires that contest participants send in a notecard with various pieces of information, including a suggestion for what they'd like to see as a future mystery flavor. You can find all the details for both the purchase and the non-purchase options on the official contest rules.The contest is open to all participants 18 and older living in the United States. The winner will be announced on or around August 15.


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