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A Constant Light: Tolifo PT-15B Pro

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Lighting is the most important lesson in photography. Don’t believe us? Close your eyes. What do you see? If the answer is nothing, that’s exactly what photography looks like without light. Light is a photograph's key ingredient—it's literally the only reason an image can exist. Upon clicking the shutter, light enters the camera, transferring the image it hits onto the film or transforming into electric signals that then turn into the pixels in a digital photograph. Without light, there is no photograph. So if you feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to learn, this is the most crucial. We hereby give you permission to focus on your lighting. If you can master it, you’ll produce beautiful imagery.

Lighting can bring a photograph to life, generate effects, including spectacular shadows or silhouettes, or it may have a distinctly negative influence by creating unwanted glare and reflections.

Working through inadequate lighting is a punishment at best. Aside from the fact that it kills time, it is also the quickest way to come up with a sloppy job. That’s not considering that you expose yourself to harms and injuries while straining to get clarity. For those into photographing and video coverage, on-camera LED lights are lifesavers. You can’t rely on natural views to create the best shots.

The Tolifo PT-15B Pro is a high-quality and cost-effective LED light. It is extremely bright and provides a wide lighting range. It is one of the better options if you are just looking for relatively bright daylight LED light that is also simple to use.

On the back of the light, there is an LCD screen that has the ratings between 10 and 99, which you can set with the help of the button in order to increase or decrease the intensity of the light. It also has an external power option and can be charged with a standard 12-volt power adaptor.

Since the product is made from large amount of tiny bulbs, you don’t ever have to doubt the effective in shining light. Whether you take photo or record video, this LED light can complete the mission nicely. For more information, this LED light for digital cameras has a rotate switch button to turn its power and brightness level.

With Tolifo, you will get the creative photography and videography by its highlights LED bulbs. There is also 1/4” thread in the bottom of the LED light hot shoe that can be screwed effortlessly on any light stands. Moreover, Tolifo comes with the transparent and orange filters for softening the light.

You never know when an on-camera LED light will come in handy. They are an absolute necessity for run-and-gun videographers and news shooters, who risk missing critical shots without one. You may even find yourself using one of these lights for sit-down interviews and more controlled environments. Whatever kind of shooting you do, an on-camera LED light like the Tolifo PT-15B Pro is a great piece of gear to keep in your kit.


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