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Terrifyingly Tasty Dinosaur Eggs

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Add some spookiness to your party spread with these spookilicious dinosaur egg appetizers.

If you’re looking for a cool #Halloween treat, here’s a wickedly delicious idea. These Halloween eggs are a great canapé to impress and spook your guests. Take hard-boiled eggs and dress them up for Halloween. Ours is going to be dressed as Dinosaur Eggs. After the candy and sweets your guests will appreciate some real food, and this fits the bill.

With Halloween sneaking up on us, add some spookiness to your party spread with these frightfully fun dinosaur eggs. The kids are sure to go nuts over them. This simple, delicious, and healthy snack is the perfect Halloween snack or dish. Your guests are certain to love the playful look almost as much as the taste.

This technique is easy. You take hard-boiled eggs and crack the shells with the back of a spoon. Then you place the cracked eggs into food coloring making beautiful web-like patterns. Make these into hard-boiled eggs and be the hit of Halloween.

As we did recipe tests with the family we must tell you, we had so much fun. Every time we unpeeled an egg it was exciting to see how the colorful crisscross lines and spider web designs came through using only black coloring.

Deviled eggs were made for Halloween. Forget that this food's name has a slightly sinister connotation - the mild flavor of a hard-boiled egg makes them easily adaptable to so many other flavors, they're an easy-to-eat appetizer and, as you'll see in this post, it's a ton of fun to make them look #spooky.


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