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Full-flavored Filipino Eggplant Omelette

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Let's learn how to make the #Filipino Eggplant Omelette called #Tortang #Talong. If you love eggplant you should definitely give this #Eggplant #Omelette a #try!

Summer isn’t just about all those glorious fruits. Let’s not forget the wonderful vegetables that are in season too! Visit your weekend farmer’s market and there’s an abundance of greens, yellows, reds and yes, purples.

Simple dishes doesn't necessarily mean simple eating, there are a lot of Filipino recipes that are very simple to fix up, but one in particular definitely makes one’s tummy flutter with delight!

Close up of the filipino eggplant omelette
Tortang Talong

One of those recipes is a fan favorite: tortang talong.

Tortang talong is a simple Filipino dish made with a combination of roasted eggplants and lightly beaten eggs. Whole eggplants are dipped into an egg mixture and are then shortly pan-fried until the entire dish starts to resemble a crispy omelet. This versatile delicacy is easily adapted with additional ingredients such as ground meat and vegetables, and it is traditionally served accompanied by steamed rice and tomato or banana ketchup. Inexpensive and quickly prepared, tortang talong can be enjoyed at any time of day as a hearty breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

In Philippines, Tortang Talong is a very popular breakfast dish and it’s pretty economical as well. At the basic form, it’s just Eggplant with Egg seasoned with Salt and Pepper.

Nope, we don’t chop the eggplants up and throw them in with eggs like how you would a Spanish omelette. Tortang talong is made with grilled eggplant that is then squished, then fried.

Eggplants in the Philippines look very different from eggplants here, in the United States . There, they are skinny and about a foot long and are a lighter, brighter violet. Here, eggplants are as big as a human head. As fat as papayas, almost.

Eggplants are a staple Filipino vegetable. It's put in stews and grilled and fried and sometimes even pickled. Filipino eggplant omelette is unlike any you’ve had before. Grilled, squished, fried, and delicious.





Four eggplant omelette
Tantalizing Filipino Eggplant Omelette

4-5 Long Eggplants

3 Large Eggs

1 tsp Garlic Salt

1 tsp Black Pepper

1 Tbs Corn Starch

1/2 Cup of Water

1/4 -1/2 Cup of Canola Oil

Ingredients for the Tantalizing Filipino Eggplant Omelette


1. Puncture all around the eggplant (to prevent explosion while burning).


2. Then directly place the eggplant on to the flame. Scorch 2-3 min on each side or until the skin turns black.

Eggplant in the direct heat

3. When the skin of the eggplant is charred or blackened then the eggplant is cooked.

Eggplant in direct heat

4. Beat 3 eggs along with some seasoning and a 1/2 cup of water.

Beaten egg with seasonings.

5. Make sure the eggplant is charring, and that the eggplant has enough punctures that will allow it to breath. When the eggplant is completely charred, take it off the burner and set it aside to cool!

Eggplant in direct heat

6. After you let the eggplant cool. Now your ready to peel the skin. Be careful and handle with care, it might still be hot!

Peeling the eggplant

7. After you finish peeling off the skin of the eggplant, begin smashing and flattening the eggplant. Add a pinch of garlic salt and pepper for flavor.

8. As you sprinkle your seasonings, coat the eggplant with cornstarch to make it plesantly crisp.

Eggplant with cornstarch

9. Heat your pan to sear the Torta Talong with 1/4 -1/2 cup of oil.

Frying pan with oil.

10. Place the eggplant into the beaten egg. Let it sit, soak, and bathe and in the beaten egg.

11.Then place the eggplant that is coated together with the egg on to the pan.

Eggplant Talong

12. Cook the eggplant as if your making an omelette.

Eggplant Talong in the frying pan.

13. After about 3 min., flip the eggplant, unless you like your eggplant extra crispy, leave it until it becomes golden brown just like the photo above.

Torta Talong

14. Now your ready to eat!

Eggplant omelette with rice ball.

Bon Appetit!


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