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Today is one of those #mojito drinks kind of days!

What a great day to have a #NationalMojitoDay! It fell on a #Friday! How do you like to enjoy your #Mojito? I know for me i have days when all i need is a refreshing drink but really don't need the alcohol and then HAVE those days when I NEED that splash of alcohol... either way with this simple refreshing recipe ... let's just say i Hits that Spot 8)

Share this #Refreshing #Drink recipe to your friends and their friend.

Here is a really #Simple Virgin Mojito #Recipe that everyone would #love


1 tsp Sugar

3/4 Lime

13 Mint Leaves

0.8 cups Club soda or Sprite

1 oz of Rum

(if you didn't want the virgin any more)


1. Pull of the mint leaves from it's stems and place them in to your glass.

2 Put in 1 tsp of sugar.

3. Pound the mint and the sugar together in the glass.

4. Put in your freshly squeezed lime juice (make sure not to include the seeds)

5. Pour in your 0.8 cups of Sprite or Club soda.

6. If your feeling for an adult virgin of this drink then add 1 oz of rum.

7. Add in your ice cubes and stir

8. To top it off, add a little mint as a garnish and or decor.

Hope this recipe was #simple #easy for you as it was me. Hope you enjoy this refreshing #mojito recipe and would share this out with your friends and family

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