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A Cut Above The Rest: Royal Craft Wood Premium Bamboo Cutting Board

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

All too often, cutting boards get the short shrift or unsympathetic dismissal next to their sleek, sexed-up counterpart, knives. But the board is just as important as the blade—and a quality wooden cutting board can last a lifetime with proper cleaning and upkeep.

A quality cutting board is one of the most indispensable kitchen utensils, especially when it comes to cutting meat. Although you can purchase cutting boards in various shapes and materials, however, not all of them are equally suitable when it comes to food preparation.

It's funny to think that just a few years ago, bamboo cutting boards were hard to come by. These days, the boards have taken their place as standard fare beside their wood and plastic peers. This material has endeared itself to all kinds of kitchen products, not to mention environmentalists, thanks to the plant's rapid growth and regeneration. Bamboo grows to a harvestable height in three to five years or so, as compared to decades for its tree counterparts, and it can regrow without replanting. It's also remarkably sturdy (16 percent stronger than maple) yet gentler on knives than plastic. So while it holds up against daily chopping duties, it also resists deep gouges better than wood (and thus harbors less icky bacteria).

Now, if you are looking for a utilitarian and all-purpose bamboo cutting board to serve as a normal butcher block for cutting, chopping, mincing and slicing and perhaps even a serving tray, here’s our suggestion for you- the premium bamboo cutting board from Royal Craft Wood.

You can’t go wrong with this model for its quality. Not only made out of 100% organic bamboo which is great eco-friendly and sustainably harvested, this cutting board is backed by the manufacturer with a lifetime warranty. If there’s any mistake derived from the producing process, Royal Craft Wood agrees to refund or replace a new one for you. So, just buy with confidence and feel ease in mind.

Apart from quality, the board still provides you with some other benefits, such as its groove design to help your cooking tasks without a mess. Or, the side handles for easier carrying and moving around. As made out of high-quality bamboo, the board is superbly durable yet ultra-gentle on the surface to avoid dulling your knives quickly.

There’s no hard-and-fast schedule for maintaining your board, it all depends on how often and how aggressively you use and wash it, as washing can erode the protective coating. Treat your board when it starts to look dry and ashy and water sinks into it instead of beading up on it. The board should look gleaming, have a smooth glossy finish like that of satin, and faintly oily resistance under your fingertips. With a little care, your board should last a lifetime.


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