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Cilantro Lime Rice is bright and zesty with subtle latin tones. This tender, fluffy rice is flavored with fresh zippy and zesty lime juice and chopped cilantro. Make rice the star of your meals with this delectable Cilantro Lime Rice recipe.

There is no substitute for moist, flavorful rice paired with your favorite main dish. Cilantro Lime Rice has subtle Latin vibes and a bright fresh flavor that compliments enchiladas, grilled chicken, tacos, and so much more. Transform cooked rice, and watch it disappear! Whether it’s for a party, or for Taco Tuesday, you’ll wonder where this recipe has been all your life!

When you're eating a burrito, it's hard to call rice the star. After all, it's mostly there to act as a filler rice is inexpensive, so loading up on it is a great way to save money. That said, rice can be boring, especially if you don't add any flavoring ingredients. That's what makes this cilantro lime rice recipe so irresistibly good. Their soft, fluffy rice is perfectly chewy without any trace of stickiness, the lime juice gives it a delightfully tangy flavor, and the cilantro lends a burst of herbaceous notes.

Cilantro is rich in beta-carotene in addition to beneficial vitamins (A and C); it is also packed with minerals like potassium and calcium! Additionally, blood pressure and intestinal health both from cilantro, and the potassium helps stabilize the body’s fluid levels and therefore the heart rate.

All in all this ciantro lime rice recipe is budget-friendly and uses staple pantry items that you’re sure to have around the house. It comes together very quickly, perfect for a last minute meal plan or an easy weeknight dinner. It can be frozen and reheated perfectly. You can make a double batch and freeze one, or freeze the leftovers. Because it is cost-effective and can be frozen ahead of time, this rice makes an excellent crowd-pleaser. Try it for your next Latin-inspired party!


  1. 2 Tbps olive oil

  2. 1 1/2 cups long grain white rice

  3. 2 1/4 cup water

  4. Zest of one lime

  5. 3 Tbsp lime juice

  6. 1 cup lightly packed chopped cilantro, leaves and tender stems


  1. Heat the olive oil in a medium saucepan on medium high heat. Add the uncooked rice and stir to coat with the olive oil. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the rice has started to brown.

  2. Add water and lime zest to the rice. Bring to a rolling boil, then cover and lower the heat to low to maintain a very low simmer.

  3. Transfer the rice to a serving bowl. Pour lime juice over the rice and toss with chopped cilantro.

  • Luis and JudyAnn

Updated: Jun 27

Salmon Stir Fry is the perfect meal to keep you healthy and satisfied.

Make your own take-out quality stir fry at home with this salmon stir fry recipe. This yummy Asian stir fry recipe is quick to make, high in protein, and packed with fresh vegetables. Perfect for spring gatherings and quick meal needs, this salmon stir fry is a great recipe to keep on hand.

Stir-fries are a gift to anyone who loves being able to quickly throw together a flavorsome dish without creating a huge mess (which is everyone!). This stir fry is delicious, fresh and super nutritious, so the perfect feel-good easy meal. 

Salmon is one of the best types of fish with which we can nourish our bodies. One of the first things for which people praise salmon is its richness in omega fatty acids, which aid in cardiovascular health, mood, cognition, joint protection, and eye health, among other positive effects. Salmon is also an excellent source of protein, and a great alternative to red meat.  

Oily fish, like salmon, are great to include in your diet once or twice a week. They are associated with awesome health benefits like protecting against cardiovascular disease, anti-inflammatory, improvements in memory, vision and skin health. This simple salmon stir-fry and cilantro rice recipe is an incredibly easy dish to throw together and it makes a great family lunch or dinner. It’s also a beautiful main course to serve to guests.


  1. 1.5 lbs salmon fillet, cut into 1 inch cubes

  2. 3 tbsp kikoman soy sauce, divided

  3. 1 tbsp garlic, crushed & divided

  4. 1 tbsp ginger, minced & divided

  5. 2 tsp sesame oil

  6. 1 bag of Kroger medley of vegetables


  1. In a medium mixing bowl, combine salmon with 2 tbsp soy sauce and let marinate while you are getting other ingredients ready.

  2. Preheat large deep skillet or a non-stick wok on low – medium heat and add 1 tsp sesame oil. Add salmon, 1/2 tbsp garlic, 1/2 tbsp ginger and cook for 8 – 10 minutes or until fish is cooked through, stirring occasionally. Transfer to a medium bowl and set aside.

  3. Increase heat to medium to high and add remaining sesame oil to the skillet. Add bag of mixed of vegetables, soy sauce, garlic, ginger and cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir gently, remove from heat and serve hot.

  • Luis and JudyAnn

Simple syrup can be a baker’s best friend, a bartender’s secret weapon, and an iced tea drinker’s dream come true. And it’s absolutely easy to make on your own, right this very minute.

It’s five o’clock somewhere! There’s a long-running joke behind the bar that goes something like this: “It’s not called ‘Complicated Syrup’!” and it’s just about every bartender’s go-to joke when they see one of their coworkers muck up the simple syrup.

Nothing adds a touch of whimsy to a hand-crafted cocktail like flavored simple syrup. If you can boil water, you can make simple syrup. It's as simple as that. The staple cocktail sweetener more than earns its name, consisting, simply, of equal-parts granulated sugar and water. From there, the variations are endless. Like your sweetener sweeter?

It’s funny how many at-home mixologists never make their own simple syrup and instead reach for honey or agave. While these golden nectars certainly have their place, they can significantly affect the taste and color of the cocktail. The translucent simple syrup is pure sweetener and a must-have for modern drink making.

Sweetness. It’s one of our five main tastes, and it’s a key component to any good drink, helping balance acid, bitterness and even booze. There’s a reason why it isn’t called “Complicated Syrup”. As we previously mentioned, if you can heat water on a stove-top, you’re on your way to making drinks like a pro. But it can be a little complicated and daunting if you’ve never had to do it before.

Once you have a bottle of simple syrup in the fridge, you’ll find so many uses for it. Iced coffee is my special pick-me-up on a sleepy afternoon. A few drops of this syrup in my glass give me the boost I am craving. Simple syrup is also great in homemade iced tea and lemonade! How about that bowl of strawberries or a citrus salad? Simple syrup is a great all-purpose glaze for cakes and fruitcakes, adding moisture and a bit of sweetness. Simple syrup is the key to making a quick dessert, since there’s no waiting for the sugar to dissolve. Add some whipped cream and boom you’re in business.


1. 1 cup water,

2. 1 cup granulated sugar


1. Heat the water in a small saucepan over medium-low heat until hot, but do not bring to a boil.

2.Add the sugar and stir until fully dissolved.

3.Let the syrup cool to room temperature before using or storing. Using a funnel if needed.

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